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Magazine V >^ :^<' Winter 2002 
Northwestern State I^iversity of Louisiana 



A ' / 






• • 




^ Celebrating 

Dr. Chris Maggio, '85 

Director Alumni Affairs 

Fellow Northwestern Graduates and Friends: 

Talk on Old Normal Hill is still buzzing from our recent Homecoming 
activities and the surprise visit from TV superstar, Oprah Winfrey. Oprah 
made a surprise visit to the home of NSU alumnus Peggy Plunkett, after Peggy 
had invited Oprah to Natchitoches while attending her television show. 

Unknown to Peggy (and with the help of NSU alumnus Robert Kelley and his 
wife, Nancy). Oprah flew into Natchitoches on her private jet and showed up on 
Peggy's doorstep. Her visit quickly became public knowledge in Natchitoches, 
and before the day was over Peggy and Oprah became the grand marshals in our 
annual NSU Homecoming parade. Needless to say, our students, faculty, staff and 
alumni were shocked and excited to see this major star and our newborn local star 
leading the event. 

After a follow-up visit to Chicago by Plunkett and a Natchitoches/NSU 
delegation for the taping of the show that portrayed Oprah's surprise visit, our 
town and university are still basking in the national spotlight. Oprah reiterated to 
a national audience several points that we already know, that Northwestern State 
University is "a wonderful university" and Natchitoches is the "best little town in 
the U.S.A." 

We would like to give a huge Northwestern State University "thank you" to 
Billy and Peggy Plunkett and Robert and Nancy Kelley for the small gestures that 
suddenly thrust our Homecoming activities into the national spotlight. The phones 
were ringing at the Natchitoches Tourist Commission and hundreds of e-mails 
were received because of the exposure. Because of the close relationship between 
NSU and Natchitoches, this opportunity will expose the city and university to 
people from all over the U.S. and will help both in ways we have not imagined. 

Furthermore, we would like to acknowledge the many alumni who made 
student recommendations and assisted in our student recruitment efforts. Your 
hard work and assistance has paid off as we enjoyed another record enrollment at 
NSU this Fall semester, surpassing 10,000 enrolled students for the first time in 
the history of our university. 

We hope that each and everyone one of you have a Happy Holiday season. We 
look forward to seeing as many of you as possible as we travel this upcoming 
spring to your city hosting Northwestern alumni events. In the future, we are also 
looking to plan alumni events in new areas. If you know of several Northwestern 
alumni near your hometown and would like to plan an event, please contact us. 

About the cover: The Vienne family posed for 
NSU Photographer, Gary Hardamon, at Kaffie- 
Frederick's Christmas display in downtown 
Natchitoches. Standing are: (left) Marti ('82), 
Mike ('83). Seated are the children (left) 
Margaret, Patick, Michael, and Liz. Hardamon 
is pictured with his back to the camera. 

Alumni Columns 

Official Publication of Northwestern 

State University 

Natchitoches, Louisiana 

Organized in 1884 

A member of CASE 

Volume XII Number 4 Winter 2002 

The Alumni Columns (USPS 0154801 is published 

4 times a year by Northwestern State University, 

Natchitoches, Louisiana, 71497-0002 Periodicals 

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President Dr. B.L. Shaw 

Shreveport, 1955, 1960 

Vice President Jimmy Williams 

Winnfield, 1993 

Secretary-Treasurer Mike Sawrie 

Alexandria, 1972 

Executive Director Dr. Chris Maggio 

Natchitoches, 1985, 1991 


Dane Broussard Houston.Texas 1986 

Jerry Brungart.... Natchitoches, 1969, 1971 

Tommy Chester Arcadia, 1969 

Joe Cunningham, Jr. ...Natchitoches, 1984 

Leonard Endris Shreveport, 1974, 1975 

F. Allen Horton Jr.. .New Iberia. 1957,1962 

Adrian Howard Arlington, Texas, 1989 

Carlos Jones Ruston, 1993 

Gail Jones Natchez, 1981, 1998 

Bryant Lewis Haynesville, 1958 

Carroll Long Tyler, Texas, 1970 

David Morgan Austin, Texas, 1973 

K. Michael Sawrie Alexandria, 1972 

Dr. B.L. Shaw Shreveport, 1955, 1960 

Glenn Talbert Shreveport, 1964 

Ginger Wiggins Jackson, Miss., 1986 

Jimmy Williams Winnfield, 1993 

Matt Koury..' Leesville, 1995 


Stacie Cosby. Alexandria 

SGA President 

The Alumni Columns is published in 

spring, summer, fall and winter. 


Dr. Chris Maggio 


Jennifer Wilbanks Anderson, 1997 


Ericca Reynolds 

David West 


Gary Hardamon 

Art Direction/Design/Layout 

NSU Press Publications Office 

Northwestern State University is accredited by the Commis- 
sion on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and 
Schools ( 1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, Georgia 30033-4097: 
Telephone number 404-679-4501) to award Associate, Bac- 
calaureate, Master's, Specialist and Doctorate degrees. 

It is the policy of Northwestern State University of Louisi- 
ana not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, 
sex, national origin, age, or disability in its educational pro- 
grams, activities or employment practices. 


hristmas at rV!SU 
around the" iivorld 

The Christmas 
Christmas Gala 
and the Christmas 
lights quickly become a 
tradition to students at 
NSU. They will remain a 
fond memory to each 
alumnus when celebrating 
the holidays. 

Along with those 
memories, former students 
begin new traditions of their 
own, sometimes mixing in 
part of another culture's 
celebrations. Two 
Northwestern alumni and 
one NSU student share how 
they merged old traditions 
with new. 

Karl and Linda Moori' Npent tour C'liii.stnia>c!. louring in Europe with tlieir son Scott 
and daughter Karla while living in Belgium. Shown are the Moores visiting Rome 
while spending the holidays in Italy. 

Annika Sjoberg 

Annika Sjoberg was an exchange student from 
Sweden who attended NSU in 1986 and 1987. Her 
year in Louisiana was her first trip to the United 
States. During her stay in America, she spent the 
Christmas holidays traveling the country, visiting Los 
Angeles, San Francisco, Denver and Rochester, and 
spent New Year's Eve in New York. 

One annual celebration that Sjoberg took part in 
was the Natchitoches Christmas Festival. 

"I didn't spend Christmas in Natchitoches," she said. 
"But of course I remember the Christmas Festival." 

Alumni Columns Winter 2002 / I 

Campus News- 





Now that Sjoberg is back home in Sweden, sheKftl*! JrloOl*© 

spends Christmas with her parents, 
brothers and their famihes. 

"In Sweden the 'big' day for celebration is 
Christmas Eve," Sjoberg said. "It's during 
that day that Santa Claus, 'Jultomten', shows 
up here, but not through the chimney. He 
usually knocks on the door and brings a big 
sack of gifts." 

Early on Christmas Eve Day, Sjoberg's 
family sits down to a traditional Swedish 
Christmas dinner of pickled herring, 
potatoes, vodka, roaster ham and Swedish 

"The afternoon starts a very strange 
Swedish Chiistmas tradition, I think it has 
been going on for at least 35 years," said 
Sjoberg. "At the same time every year, 3 p.m. 
on Christmas Eve, we watch Donald Duck. 
Swedish television has a Disney show every 
year. It's always something from the new 
movie, but also a lot of short cartoons with 
Donald Duck - the same ones year after year. 
It's one of the most popular shows every 

One American tradition that Sjoberg has 
taken with her to Sweden is decorating the 
Christmas tree. 

"I just love decorating our Christmas tree, 
and I think our tree is more American looking 
than Swedish," she said. "It is so full of 
things, you can hardly see the green." 

Sjoberg now lives with in Stockholm and is 
married to Per. She has two children. She is 
the manager and part owner in one of 
SwedpTi's biggest public relations firms in the 
city, which specializes in analysis and 

For the past four years, Karl Moore, a 
1960 graduate, has spent Christmas 
traveling through Europe. He and his wife/ 
Linda lived in Brussels, Belgium and \ 

celebrated the holidays adventure-seeking 
around the continent. 

In 2000, the Moores spent Christmas in 
Rome with their two children. The trip was 
especially exciting as it was the Jubilee Year, 
and they had a chance to see Pope John Paul 
II conduct Mass. 

"Just mingling and strolling in the city was 
a treat in itself as the little streets and 
allyways were brimming with the excitement 
of the season," said Moore. "Christmas just 
doesn't get any better than that." 

In 1998, the Moores spent Chrismas in 
Normandy, France and the "City of Lights," 

"It is called 'The City of Lights' and during 
the holiday season, it is very evident why 
that is so," said Moore. 

Though the Moores were in Europe, they 
paused to reflect on being American. They 

Alumni Columns Winter 2002 / 2 

Campus News- 

^; AXiPCDun 


drove down to Utah and Omaha beaches and 
visuahzed the landings that our soldiers 
made on D-Day. 

"We arrived at the American Cemetery at 
Omaha Beach at the end of the day, just as 
the flag was lowered and 'Taps' was being 
played, followed by chimes playing 'Battle 
Hymn of the Republic' and 'God Bless 
America.' What a tribute to the fallen 
soldiers who lay buried there so far away 
from home, yet so revered here in this 
magnificent and well-maintained resting 
ground. Not one of us had a dry eye!" 

"What a wonderful reminder for our 
children and for us of the sacrifices made by 
those young men and women who gave their 
all to protect us and our country from Hitler 
and the Nazi regime. The freedom to visit 
this place, to worship as we wish, and all the 
freedoms that we all enjoy, were made 
possible because of their sacrifices. Realizing 
how God has blessed us and our nation, we 
gave thanks for the true meaning of 

1980 Student Union Christmas windows. 

This year, the Moores have moved back to 
South Carolina. They will be celebrating with 
their children at home. Moore retired from 
International Paper in January. Karl and 
Linda live in Greer, S.C. 

David Simpson 

David Simpson, a current journalism 
student at NSU, has celebrated 
Christmas in his home country of Scotland, in 
England and in Texas and Florida. 

"We lived in Scotland until I was 10," said 
Simpson. "We celebrated with fireworks, and 
big trees with lots of presents. We have a lot 
of family reunions around Christmastime." 

Simpson's family Christmas tradition 
involved one of a giving nature. They always 
found a stranger with nowhere to celebrate 
Christmas and brought them into their home 
for dinner. 

"One year we found someone from the youth 
hostel," said Simpson. "And another year we 
took in a student from overseas." 

When he was 10, Simpson's family moved to 

"In Britain, the day after Christmas is 
Boxing Day, where people take time to reflect 
on the holiday," he said. "Boxing Day became 
shopping day when we moved to Texas." 

Later the family moved to England where 
Simpson's mother keeps one American 

"Now that my mother lives in England, she 
puts lights on the house," he said. "She has 
the only lit house on the street, actually in 
town. People drive by to look at it." 

Simpson will spend this Christmas holiday 
with his family in France, where his sister 
lives. Ill 

Alumni Columns Winter 2002/ 3 

Campus News. 

tOpS 10,000 for first time in 
^^^ ^ortliivestern's liistory 

For the first time in Northwestern State 
University's 1 1 8-year history, the institution has 
recorded an enrollment of more than 10,000 
students. The University has recorded an enrollment 
of 10,159 students for the fall 2002 semester, an 
increase of 744 students or 7.9 percent over last fall's 
total of 9,415. The year-to-year increase in 
enrollment is the largest at Northwestern in 10 years. 
"Achieving an enrollment of more than 10,000 
students is a milestone for Northwestern State 
University," said President Dr. Randall J. Webb. 
"Over the past six years, we have placed a high 
priority on taking care of our students and ensuring 
that they receive the best possible education. The 
steady increase in enrollment is validation of the 
those efforts." 




^^^Br \.fl 





^^— ^^K 






P^v. flHf ilil^P 

5r. . ■ 

^- ■ 





Northwestern increased enrollment on its main 
campus in Natchitoches as well as the Leesville/ 
Fort Polk campus. The student population remained 
steady at its Shreveport campus, which houses the 
College of Nursing. The University also had more 
students taking classes electronically and in its 
graduate school. 

The number of traditional first-time freshmen 
coming directly to Northwestern from high school 
increased by 6.7 percent from 1,641 to 1,751. 
Northwestern also increased its student retention rate 
from last year. 

"Our increase in enrollment is the result of efforts 
by faculty and staff from throughout the University," 
said director of enrollment services Ina Agnew. 
"New initiatives by each college and academic 
department to attract and retain students were 
successful. Each department was willing to attend 
events and do what was needed to tell prospective 
students about Northwestern." 

NSU also had an increase of 1 8 percent in transfer 
students from other institutions. 

"We believe strongly in the quality of academic 
programs at Northwestern," said Webb, "The 
university's strong reputation is spreading and that 
is helping us attract good students and keep them 
here until they graduate." Ill 

]\SU Foundation playing active 
role in University's continued 

More than 250 students at Northwestern State University 
will benefit from scholarships made available through the 
NSU Foundation this year. 

The NSU Foundation is the umbrella organization for the 
NSU Alumni Association, NSU Athletic Association and the 
Foundation itself. Total Foundation assets are $5.5 million with 
a total endowment of more than $3 million. 

"Because of the NSU Foundation, Northwestern can do things 
it would not be able to do otherwise," said Director of 
Institutional Advancement Tony Gustwick. "The Foundation 
helps provide scholarships for students, additional funding for 
faculty and support for departments and groups at the university." 

The NSU Foundation is a non-profit organization that invests 
and manages private assets that have been donated to the 
University. The NSU Foundation is responsible for coordinating 
all fund raising to benefit the University. Its purpose is to identify, 
cultivate and solicit major gifts. Donors can make gifts to the 
University through the Foundation in a number of ways including 
joining the NSU President's Council, planned giving or 
establishing endowed scholarships, professorships and chairs. 

President's Council 

The NSU President's Council is a one way to donate 
unrestricted tax-deductible contributions of $ 1 ,000 per year 
to fund the numerous requests of the Foundation to fund 
academic projects and special items. 

"Another way individuals or companies can help 
Northwestern is through major gifts," said Gustwick. "These 
major gifts provide the University with a way to increase the 
size of its endowment, acquire additional equipment and 
resources and increase student and faculty support through 
endowed scholarships, endowed professorships and chairs." 

Raising additional funds for scholarships helps Northwestern 
attract and keep top students who help the university grow and 

"Attracting top students is critical for Northwestern," said 
Gustwick. "The staff in the Division of Student Affairs as well 
as all of the faculty and staff at NSU work diligently to get good 
students here. Sometimes, even with financial aid and other 
university scholarships, the availability of privately funded 
scholarships can make a big difference." 

Endoi^ed Scholarships 

Gustwick said endowed scholarships could be started with 
as little as $10,000. These scholarships will be permanent. 
Donors can name the scholarship and set up the criteria under 
which it is awarded. 

Another way for donors to assist Northwestern is through 
planned giving which enables a donor to make a legacy gift 
through such methods as bequests, gift annuities, charitable 
remainder trusts, life insurance, appreciated property and other 

Alumni Columns Winter 2002 / 4 

Campus News - 

EndoD^ed Professorship 
or Chair ^^^~^—^^^^^ 

Those wishing to help Northwestern 
continue to grow can also make 
donations to establish an endowed 
professorship or an endowed chair at the 
University. Endowed professorships are 
set up with a $60,000 donation, which is 
matched with $40,000 from the Board of 
Regents' Support Fund. A gift of $600,000 
can set up an endowed chair which is 
matched with $400,000 from the Board 
of Regents Support Fund to create a $1 
million endowment. 

"The establishment of endowed chairs 
and professorships is an important step in 
continuing to enhance Northwestern's 
academic reputation," said Provost and 
Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. 
Thomas A. Bums. "Endowed chairs allow 
the University to attract scholars with 
national and international reputations. The 
establishment of endowed professorships 
gives our faculty the opportunity to 
conduct valuable professional research. 
These enhancements benefit our students 
who are learning from scholars who are 
on the cutting edge in their respective 

Northwestern has three endowed 
chairs, one each in the College of Business 
and Department of Journalism and a 
pledged chair in the College of Education. 
The University also has 22 endowed 
professorships worth $2.2 million. 

For more information on the NSU 
Foundation, contact Gustwick or Sharon 
Sampite' at (318) 357-4414. Ill 

Winner's for the Fall 2002 

Alumni Columns 

"Looking Back" Section 

Demon Dazzler Picture: 

1. Sandy Ay mend 

2. Dolly Dupree 

3. Diane Obannon 

4. Donnie Choate 

5. Wenona Walter ('97) 

Brent receives Distinguished 
Service Aivard 

T^ill Brent has been named the 
aJ recipient of the 2002 
President's Distinguished Service 
Award at Northwestern State 
University. Brent is director of the 
Mrs. H.D. Dear, Sr. and Alice 
Estelle Dear School of Creative and 
Performing Arts, director of bands 
and an associate professor of music 
at Northwestern. 

Bill Brent (left) recieved the President's Distinguished Ser- 
vice Award from Dr. Randall Web (right) durring 
Northwestern's homecoming banquet. 

"Bill Brent is one of the people that makes Northwestern special," said NSU President 
Dr. Randall J. Webb. "The 'Spirit of Northwestern' Marching Band is one of the best 
in the country and creates pride in supporters of the university each time it performs. 
Under his leadership, the Mrs. H.D. Dear, Sr. and Alice Estelle Dear School of Creative 
and Performing Arts has brought prestige to Northwestern and enriched the Natchitoches 

Brent has been at Northwestern for 19 years. In that time, he has built one of the 
best marching band programs in the South, increasing the number of members from 48 
to more than 300. He has also served as conductor of the NSU Wind Symphony, which 
has been chosen to perform at the College Band Directors National Association Southern 
Regional Conference. 

"I was shocked and humbled to learn I would receive this honor," said Brent. "There 
are many people at Northwestern who work extremely hard and deserve this honor 
before me." 

Under Brent's leadership, the former Department of Creative and Performing Arts 
was designated as a School, due to its growth and reputation throughout the region. 
The School has received more than $1.8 million in private scholarship funds, more 
than $1 million in grants and has been the recipient of two endowed professorships. 

The NSU Theatre has gained a strong reputation as one of the best undergraduate 
programs in the South. Graduates have moved into top graduate programs in theatre 
and are working professionally across the country. The Natchitoches-Northwestem 
Symphony is a joint effort of the university and the community. Natchitoches is one of 
the smallest communities in the United States to have a regularly performing symphony 
orchestra. The NSU Jazz Orchestra has performed with artists including Maynard 
Ferguson, Ellis Marsalis and Byron Stripling. 

Northwestern's Chamber Choir has performed at Carnegie Hall. Vocal performance 
students have regularly won honors in statewide and regional competitions. The 
university and community also benefit from an active visual arts program. Visual arts 
faculty exhibit works in juried competitions throughout the country and students present 
their work in campus art galleries. 

Brent is quick to credit the School's faculty with helping each program develop a 
strong reputation. He said the faculty is willing to work closely with students to develop 
their individual talent. 

"A successful program in the arts demands hands-on training," said Brent. "Students 
work closely with our faculty who spend the time necessary to help them." 

A family atmosphere extends to the band program, which draws students with a 
variety of academic majors. 

"The best recruiters for the band are the band students," said Brent. "They genuinely 
care about one another and that helps us recruit students and keep them here." 

Past recipients of the President's Distinguished Service Award include E. Loneta 
Graves, Dr. Hiram F. Gregory, Elise P. James, Mildred Moore and Dr. Ernest O. "Slim" 
Howell. Ill 

Alumni Columns Winter 2002 / 5 

Campus News - 

Faculty contributions 
recognized at ]\SU 

NSU faculty members make countless 
contributions to the Northwestern 
State University and their individual 
colleges. Each year, six are selected 
by their peers to be honored for their 
efforts. This year's recipients of 
Northwestern State University's 
Excellence in Teaching Awards were 
recognized at the annual Homecoming 

This year's recipienls of NSU's Excellence in Teaching Awards were recognized during 
the Homecoming 2002 activities. Those faculty members and their respective colleges 
are; Back row: Dr. James L. McCorkle, College of Liberal Arts and Dr. Thomas M. Hall, 
College of Science and Technology; Front row: Dorothy Stone Maziarz, College of Nursing, 
Barbara Russell, College of Business and Dr. Linda E. Roach, College of Education. 

Those faculty members and their respective colleges are: Dr. James L. McCorkle, 
College of Liberal Arts; Dr. Linda E. Roach, College of Education; Dr. Thomas 
M. Hall, College of Science and Technology; Barbara Russell, College of Business; 
and Dorothy Stone Maziarz, College of Nursing. 

McCorkle has been a member of the History faculty at NSU since 1966. He 
served as associate professor for five years and assistant professor for eight years. 

He earned his bachelor's degree from Alabama Polytechnic Institute, his master's 
degree from University of Mississippi and his doctorate from University of Mississippi. 

McCorkle has served as president of the NSU chapter of Phi Kappa Phi, president of 
the Faculty Senate and chair of the Graduate Dean Search Committee for the University. 

His professional memberships include Southern Historical Association, Agricultural 
History Society, Louisiana Historical Association, Mississippi Historical Society, North 
Louisiana Historical Association and U.S. Naval Institute. 

McCorkle's awards and honors include the Outstanding Educator of America Award 
and the Willie D. Halsell Award awarded by the Mississippi Historical Society for the 
best article in Journal of Mississippi History. 

Roach has been associate professor of education since 1999. She prior, served as 
assistant professor for eight years. 

She earned her bachelor's degree from Northwestern State University, and her 
master's and her doctorate degrees from Louisiana State University. 

Roach has served on the Graduate Cabinet, as Phi Mu Fraternity Faculty Advisor 
and as the coordinator for the Practitioner Teacher Program. 

Her professional memberships include American Society of Clinical Pathologists, 
National Science Teachers Association, Louisiana Science Teachers Association, 
National Association for Research in Science Teaching, American Association for 
Physics Teachers, School Science and Mathematics Association and Louisiana 
Academy of Sciences. 

Roach's awards and honors include Who's Who in American Education, Outstanding 
Greek Advisor and U.S. Professor of the Year Nominee. 

Hall has been with the Department of Engineering Technology since 1995 and was 
recently promoted to full professor. 

He earned a bachelor's degree from United States Military Academy, a master's 
from University of Utah, a Master of Science in electrical engineering from Stanford, 
a degree of engineer from Stanford and a doctorate from NSU. 

Hall has served as chair of the University Resource Allocation Committee, member 
of the University Admissions, Credits and Graduation Council and faculty advisor of 
the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Student Chapter. 

His professional memberships include the Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Technology Department Head's Association, Phi Kappa Phi, American Society of 
Engineering Education, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and the Retired 
Officers' Association. 

Hall's awards and honors include the 
Dean's Scholar Award, and the Honor 
Society of Phi Kappa Phi from the 
University of Utah, the Legion of Merit 
and the Purple Heart from the U.S. Army. 

Russell, a certified computing 
professional, has been an instructor of 
computer information systems since 1999. 

She earned her bachelor and master's 
degrees from American Technological 

She has been published in the Journal 
of Information Systems Education, 
Decision Sciences Institute Proceedings 
and Burgess International Group, Inc. 

She has done consulting with Schrek 
& Associates and has served as 
coordinator at System Development 
Group working with FMC and their 
computer needs. 

Russell has been awarded Who's Who 
in America's Teachers. 

Maziarz has been an assistant 
professor of nursing since 1999. 

She earned her bachelor's degree from 
Emory University and her master's degree 
from Texas Woman's University. 

Her professional memberships include 
the Louisiana State Nurses Association, 
American Nurses Association, Sigma 
ThetaTau International, Beta Chi Chapter 
Sigma Theta Tau International, Wound 
Ostomy Continence Nursing Association 
and Ark-La Tex WOCON. 

Her awards and honors include Nurse 
of the Year and Educator of the Year. 

Alumni Columns Fall 2002 / 6 

Campus News 

Looking Back 

For more than 25 years, NSU was part of the 
Natchitoches Christmas scene with the tradition 
of window paintings. The Student Union and Iberville 
dining hall were transformed into palettes as nearly 
20 campus organizations painted a Christmas mural 
in each of the large paned windows. The tradition was 
a way for the school to become a part of the City of 
Natchitoches' celebration of the holidays, as locals 
brought their children to view the spectacular paintings. 
The tradition of the post card-like paintings began 
in 1968, when it was sponsored by the SUGB and 
continued through the mid-90's. Ill 




di^ ilia a I ^mit I Mm, 







The College of Education 
at NSU has inducted six 
alumni into its Hall of 
Distinguished Educators. 
This year's inductees are: 
Back row from left to 
right: Dr. B.L. "Buddy" 
Shaw, Frank M. Lampkin 
and Dr. Leonard Ponder; 
front row from left to 
right: Morgan Dunnam 
Ford, Betty Wiggins 
Blaize and Rep. Billy 

The College of Education inducts neiiv members into 
The Hall of Distinguished Educators 

Ikjorthwestern State University is known for going over and 
1 y beyond the extra mile in producing and preparing well- 
equipped teachers and leaders. The Hall of Distinguished 
Educators recognizes alumni from the College of Education 
for their years of service in the field of education. 

This year's inductees are: Patricia Wiggins Blaize, Morgan 
Dunnam Ford, Frank M. Lampkin, Billy Montgomery, Dr. 
Leonard D. Ponder and Dr. B.L. "Buddy" Shaw. 

Blaize is currently teaching for St. Charles Parish Schools. 
She is certified in the following certification areas: secondary 
English and Spanish, reading specialist, gifted certification and 
supervisor of student teachers. Blaize is the first nationally 
certified teacher. She has been a workshop presenter in the 
following areas: writing strategies, reading in the content areas 
and L.E.A.P. strategies. 

Ford has the longest tenure as a principal of a full-sized 
school in Rapides Parish. He is currently in his 50"" year as 
principal. During his tenure. Ford has been principal of schools 
where historic events have occurred in Rapides Parish: first class 
for mentally retarded students, first class for hearing impaired 
students, first African-American student enrolled in previously 
all Caucasian school and he was principal of a pilot school for 

Lampkin served at the principal of Bossier High School 
from 1956-1980. In addition to his career, Lampkin has had a 
very active civic life. In 1952, Lampkin served as chairman on a 
committee of 100 to develop the YMCA Bossier branch. Since 
1954, Lamkin has been an active member of the Kiwanis Club 
of Bossier City. He served on the Bossier City Recreation Board 
from 1957-1974. 

Montgomery has served as a Louisiana State 
Representative for District 9 since 1988. After graduating from 
Northwestern in 1959, he taught and coached for 10 years winning 
two state championships in 1968 and 1969. He was assistant 
principal of Haughton High School from 1970-1982 and served 
as principal from 1 983- 1 988. Among his many accomplishments, 
he was honored as LAE's "Distinguished Legislator" in 1989 

and was inducted into the Louisiana High School Coaches and 
Administrators Hall of Fame in 1991. Also, Montgomery was 
awarded the NSU Nth Degree in 1995. 

Ponder is Professor Emeritus of the Department of 
Health and Kinesiology at Texas A&M University. In 1990 and 
2001, he was awarded the Thomas A. and Joan Read Chair of 
Disadvantaged Youth. This was the first chair in the College of 
Education at Texas A&M University. Established upon his 
retirement, the Leonard D. Ponder Chair for Research and 
Development was established in recognition of his lifetime 

Siiaiv has served as a Louisiana State Representative for 
District 6 since 1995. After graduating from Northwestern in 
1955, he taught and became principal at several different schools 
in northern Louisiana. In 1969, Shaw represented the state of 
Louisiana for Adult Education at the United States International 
University in San Diego, California. He served as principal of 
C. E. Byrd High School from 1970-1986. During that time, Shaw 
led the efforts to establish a Math Science Magnet at C. E. Byrd 
High School. In 1993, he became president of the Caddo Parish 
School Board. In 1994, he became president of the Louisiana 
School Boards Association. Ill 

Alumni Columns Winter 2002 / 7 

Campus News 

Funeral services for Doris Elise Pierson James, 64, 
were held Thursday, November 14, 2002 in 
Natchitoches. James fought a lengthy, courageous 
battle with Parkinson's disease. 

Elise P. James 


native and resident of Natchitoches, James gave a 
lifetime of service and support to her alma maters, St. 
Mary's High School and Northwestern State University. 
Following a nearly 20-year career as an assistant professor 
of business at Northwestern she was named director of the 
University's alumni affairs office as well as the director of 
the NSU Foundation. In her tenure she increased alumni 
support for the University by thousands and established 
the first endowed professorship for Northwestern. At her 
retirement, James was credited for cultivating over $2 
million in gifts to Northwestern from its alumni. 

Following her retirement, the University named James 
to its Long Purple Line, the highest honor bestowed on an 
alumnus. She was also the first recipient of the President's 
Distinguished Service Award. Additionally, the College of 
Education named James to its Educators Hall of Fame, she 
was awarded the Nth Degree by President Robert Alost, 
and most recently the Campus Women's Organization 
established the Elise P. James Campus Women's 
Scholarship in her honor. 

James was a member of several local and state 
organizations, and she was a member of the Church of the 
Immaculate Conception. 

She is survived by her husband of 46 years, McCauUey 
Mercer James Sr.; her sons, William Henry James, 
McCaulley Mercer James Jr., and Dr. David Malcolm James 
and his wife Anita Bennett James; her daughters, Doris 
James Halliburton and her husband. Chuck; and Nancy Gail 
James; her grandchildren, McCaulley Mercer James III, 
Casie Jo James, Caitlin Elizabeth James, William Chase 
James and Daniel David James. She is also survived by her 
sister, Gail Pierson Cromwell of Temple, NH. 

James was preceded in death by her parents, Dr. William 
Henry Pierson and Doris Henry Pierson, both of 

The family requests that memorials be made to St. 
Mary's Foundation (Endowment Fund), 1101 E. Fifth St., 
Natchitoches, LA 71457; or Northwestern State University 
Foundation (Elise P. James Campus Women's Scholarship 
Account), Natchitoches, LA 71497. 

Alumni Columns Winter 2002 / 8 

Alumni Events. 

The NSU Foundation is a non-profit 
organization that invests and manages 
private assets that have been donated to the 
University. The NSU Foundation is 
responsible for coordinating ail fund raising 
to benefit the University. Its purpose is to 
identify, cultivate and solicit major gifts. 
The NSU Foundation members are back 
row from left to right are Tony Gustwick, 
Sam Holland. Marvin Watkins ('50). Ed 
Dranguet ('61) , Dr. Randall Webb, Lee 
Waskom ('86), Robert Manning ('48) and 
Dr. B.L. Shaw ('55). Front row from left to 
right are Dan Chase ('57), Melba Steeg 
('44). Sadie Newell, Charles Knicely ('71) 
and Greg Burke. 

The Long Purple Line recipients and 
representatives Bobby Hebert ('83), 
Raymond Strother, Ms. Emily Wofford 
(representing Dr. A.A. Fredericks), Peggy 
Ragus (representing Charlie Ragus), 
Cheryl Wilson ("72) and John Williams 
(representing Judge R.B. Williams), pose 
after their induction ceremony. 

Alton Townsend ('39), Elizabeth Gunn (■38),Leola 
Loftin ('39) and Bill Lofton ('38) enjoyed visiting at 
the WWII Era Reunion during Homecoming festivities. 

WWII Era Reunion participants pose with Miss Natchitoches City of 
Lights, Jenny Corder(2nd from left) during their Homecoming reception. 
From left: Nate Durham ('46). Corder, Ralph McFarland ('47). Albert 
Gerson ('43), Jerrie Summons Jantz, and Bob Jantz ("48). 

WWII Era Reunion 
coordinator Theophile 
Scott ('43) (left), relaxes 
with Albert Gerson ('43) 
during the celebration. 

David Wright ('80), NSU Athletic Director Greg 
and Stuart Wright ('77) traveled to Athens, Ga. to 
their NSU pride and support the NSU Demon football 

Burke ^H 

) show ^^H 

Alumni Columns Winter 2002 / 9 

Alumni Events - 

The NSU Alumni Board members 
meeting during Homecoming 2002 were; 
bacic row from left to right: Joe 
Cunningham Jr. ("84), Leonard Endris 
('74/'75), Mike Sawrie ('72), Jerry 
Brungart ('69/'71), Glen Talbert ('64), 
Tommy Chester ('69), Carroll Long ('70) 
and Allen Horton {'51f62). Front row 
from left to right: Gail Jones ('81/'98), 
Jimmy Williams ('93), Dr. B.L. "Buddy" 
Shaw (■55/'60). Ginger Wiggins ('86) 
and Matt Koury ("95). 

n S"^ r> 

f! i5 






m m 

r ' 1 




1 1 


Don ("65 ) and Georgia ("65) Beasley from Athens, Ga. 
visited with former coach Walter Ledet ('39) during 
an alumni reception before the football game in Athens. 



^^^^K^ -^i^^E 








nL "^1 

'^-" I 


-J , 

Congratulations to Candace Breaux, who celebrated her 100"' 
birthday in August. Breaux graduated from Louisiana Normal 
School in 1925. She is shown between her sister Irene David 
and NSU Alumni Board member Allen Horton during her 
birthday party in Loreauville. 

Editor's Note: 

Two former Miss Louisiana titlehold- 
ers have been identified since the last 
issue of the Alumni Columns Magazine. 
Rowena Taliaferro Merryman was Miss 
Louisiana 1950 and Carol Almond was 
Miss Louisiana 1970. Also, Bonnie Martin 
Bogue was Miss Louisiana USA in 1970. 
We apologize for the oversight. 

There's strong Northwestern and family bonds between 
two of the more successful quarterbacks in recent 
Demon history. Senior quarterback Kevin Magee (No. 9, in 
uniform) and 1998-99 quarterback Brad Spangler are first 
cousins. Their mothers are twins. Shown in this picture, 
taken after the Demons' 21-14 regionally-televised victory 
at NichoUs State Oct. 24, are (left to right) Brad's parents, 
Geoff and Judy Spangler, Brad and Kevin, and Kevin's 
parents. Joann and Joe Magee. The sisters are from 
Logansport and were Class A All-State co-Most Valuable 
Players in basketball at Logansport High School before 
attending NSU. There, they met their husbands. Kevin's 
oldest brother, Doug, graduated from Northwestern two 
years ago and his youngest brother, Mark, will attend NSU 
beginning next fall. Kevin has helped the 2002 Demons 
reach a No. 3 national ranking heading into the final stages 
of the regular season schedule. The last time they were 
ranked as highly, in 1998, Brad was the Demons' 
quarterback as NSU reached the Division I-AA playoff 
semifinals and finished with an 11-3 record. 

Alumni Columns Winter 2002 / 10 

Class Notes/Prohles 

In recognition of the 75th Anniversary of the 
Alpha Zeta Chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma 
Sorority, collegiate chapter and the Natchitoches 
Alumnae Chapter announce the establishment of 
the Lucile Mertz Hendrick Sigma Sigma Sigma 
Foundation Scholarship, to be awarded through the 
Tri Sigma Foundation. Donations for the 
scholarship endowment may be sent to the chapter 
or to the Tri Sigma Foundation. Pictured are: (left) 
Dr. Sue Weaver. Jonelle Wheat, Stephanie 
McBride, Lucile Hendrick, Misti Chelette, Mary 
Jean Thomas, Mary Ann Nunnley, Ashlee Crooks, 
Jacque Crew, and Reatha Cox. Back row: (left) 
Sarah Zeagler, Melissa Melder, Dawn Wells, 
Mildred Moore, Michaela Sampite, Sharon 
Sampite, and Marsha Zulick 


Wilma Chandler Leslie is a retired principal and lives in Many. 


Pete A. Antie retired as the principal of Melville High School. He 

is married and lives in Melville. 


Melva Ash Mayson Maxey is retired after 34 years of teaching and 

1 2 years as copy editor for a local newspaper She lives in Lake 


Bobby M. Earnest is retired and lives in Roanoke, Va. 


Johnnye Jo Lott has published a book titled "In the Cold of the 
Sun: Children in Crisis". She is married and lives in 
Murfreesboro, Tenn. 


Doris Warren Wilcox Moate is retired and lives in Washington, 



Vernon M. Quaid is retired, married and lives in Hodge. 


Phillip Ray Bacilla, Sr. is retired from the Acadia Parish Diocese of 

Lafayette. He is married and lives in Church Point. 

Doyle Z. Williams is the dean at Sam M. Walton College of 
Business, University of Arkansas. The American Institute of 
Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) recently awarded him the 
Gold Medal for Distinguished Service. 


Elwood Dyess retired as a principal in the Rapides Parish School 

System. He lives in Alexandria. 



Patricia Ann Evans Crawford retired from Ascension Parish 

School System as a teacher. She lives in Baton Rouge. 


Gwenda S. Dowden McKenzie retired as a program manager from 
the La. Department of Health and Hospitals. She is married and 
lives in Baton Rouge. 


James Lloyd Gleason is a retired teacher and administrator. He is 

married and lives in Jerusalem, Ohio. 


Carolyn Bingham Sanders is coordinator of hospice volunteers at 

West Jefferson Medical Center. She is married and lives in 


Elaine Lacaze Mouser is a homemaker. She is married and lives 
in Atlanta, Texas. 


Kenneth R. Baker is director of human resources at North Monroe 

Medical Center. He is married and lives in Monroe. 

Marcia Dawson Medellin is employed by the Bossier Parish 
School Board as a teacher She is married and lives in 


Robert E. Townsend is the pastor of Rayville United Methodist 
Church. He is married to Michele "Mickie" Varnado Townsend 
('68) and lives in Rayville. 

Michele "Mickie" Varnado Townsend is married to Robert E. 
Townsend ("68) and lives in Rayville. She is an assistant at 
Rayville United Methodist Church. 

Alumni Columns Winter 2002 / 1 1 

Class Notes/Profiles . 

Sandra J. Duett Broussard is employed by the Acadia Parish 
School Board as a third-grade teacher. She is married and Hves in 
Lake Arthur. 


John W. Davidson retired from the Louisiana Department of 

Revenue as an auditor. He is married and lives in Shreveport. 


Dr. Pamela W. Wright Penick is executive director of Arts and 
Humanities Council of Tuscaloosa. She is married and lives in 
Northport, Ala. 

Colonel (Retired) Henry J. Atwood Jr. is a senior engineer at 
Redstone Arsenal. He lives in Athens, Ala. 


Mike Landry is a teacher at St. Mary's HS in Natchitoches. He is 
the state sponsor for Beta Club and president of the Louisiana 
Association for Academic Competition. 


Darlene G. Guillot Bamhill is employed by the Bossier Parish 

School Board as a teacher. She is married and lives in Bossier 


Anne Wood Searcy is a legal secretary at Crowell and Owens. She 
lives in Pineville. 

Tonna K. Wise Meche is chemistry teacher at Welsh High School. 
She lives in Welsh. 


W. Raymond Dees is the manager of the Cardiac Rehab and 
Wellness Center at Memorial Medical Center. He is married and 
lives in Metairie. 


Mary Evelene Rachal Hughes is the nursing supervisor at Christus 

Schumpert - St. Mary's Place. She is married and lives in 


Valerie J. Andrews is an assistant professor at Georgia College and 
State University. She lives in Milledgeville, Ga. 

Mary Alice Weber Metzler retired from public health nursing in 
Ruston, after 25 years of service. She lives in Piano, Texas. 

Gary N. Ryals is the program manager at Frankie Friend & 
Associates, Inc. He is married and lives in Littleton, Colo. 


William R. (Randy) Davis is the financial management liaison and 

an owner of Saxon-Bush-Davis Financial Group, LLC. He is 

married to Cammie DeBlieux Davis ('79) and lives in Baton 


Kim M. Bamette Adams is a teacher and coach at Hanson High 
School. She is married and lives in Franklin. 


Terry Ray McCarty is a marketing representative at Atmos Energy 

Louisiana. He is married and lives in West Monroe. 

Micah (Mike) Lynn Knippers is a regional business development 
manager at ONDEO Nalco Energy Services L.P. He is married and 
lives in Tennessee Colony, Texas. 

Bill Humphreys is self-employed. He is active in the Jersey Shore 
Jazz and Blues Foundation of the Jersey Shore Area. He is married 
and lives in Toms River, N.J. 

John Bradley Wartelle is the corporate counsel and tax manager at 
The Moody Company in Lafayette. He is married and lives in 


R. Lynn Kees is a marketing representative at Allied Solutions. He 

is married and lives in Coppell, Texas 


Kimberly Gill Turner Story is director of human resources at 

Millcreek of Ark. She is married and lives in Fordyce, Ark. 

Mike M. Robinson is the head strength coach at McNeese State 
University. He lives in Lake Charles. 


Donna S. Littlejohn Moore is the school nurse at Delco Primary 
School in Pflugerville, Texas. She is married and lives in Round 
Rock, Texas. 


Lizabeth S. Gibbs is a registered nurse and employed by American 

Nursing Services Agency. She lives in Simsboro. 

Sandy Lynn Fortenberry Joiner is a homemaker. She is married and 
lives in N.C. 


Charlotte Broussard Leach is an accountant at Hindsman, Hindsman 

and Story. She is married and lives in Rainbow City, Ala. 

Brenda Washington Ware is a science teacher at Natchitoches 
Central High School. She is married and lives in Natchitoches. 

Melanie R. Richardson Van Ommen is a housewife and lives in 
Rock Rapids, Iowa. 

Jesus E. Rodriguez is a manager at Halliburton Energy Services. 
He is married and lives in Houston. 

Arleatha Gale Eckles is a secretary /receptionist for Desoto Parish 
Sales & Use Tax Commission. She lives in Mansfield. 

Alumni Columns Winter 2002 / 12 

Class Notes/ Profiles- 



Dan Medlin is the human resources manager at 
Applied Systems Analysis and Processing, Inc. He is 
married and lives in Austin, Texas. 


Hubert Calvin is a network engineer at Southeastern 
Louisiana University and a pastor. He is married and 
lives in Amite. 

Brian D. Prucey is the pastor at Red River Baptist 
Church. He is married and lives in Benton. 


Shawn A. Bailey is the owner of The Trigger Factor - 
dba Party Pics SWLA. He is married and lives in 
Lake Charles. 

Glenn Wood is a teacher and coach at North Desoto 
High School. He lives in Grand Cane. 

Rhonda Brooks Goodly is a payroll clerk for the 
Calcasieu Parish School Board and secretary at 
Tabernacle of Praise United Pentecostal Church. She 
is married and lives in Lake Charles. 

Karen Elizabeth Barrington is an executive assistant 
at Powell Petroleum Resources. LLC. She lives in 

Vickie Kay Moses Wilson is an elementary school 
counselor for Vernon Parish School Board. She is 
married and lives in Leesville. 


Michelle Lynn Weego LaRoche is a fourth grade 
language arts teacher at Mahanay Elementary. She is 
married and lives in Katy, Texas. 

Darren J. Melancon is the safety manager at Six C 
Fabrication, Inc. He is married and lives in 

Arlicia "Precious" Jenkins is a program analyst for the 
United States Department of Justice. She lives in 

Sonya Reeder Seaman is a bookkeeper for attorney 
Charles Seaman. 

Joyce Merlinda Glover- Jones Bailey is an office 
automation clerk at Diamond Elementary. She is 
married and lives in Hinesville, Ga. 

David B. Noles is an attorney. He is married and lives 
in Bossier. 

David Hadden 

Class of 1983 

When he was growing up in Bossier City, David Hadden would 
often look out his window and see the planes taking off and 
landing at Barksdale Air Force Base. Now Hadden plays a role in 
keeping the nation's military aircraft operational. 

Hadden is commander of the 509* Munitions Squadron at Whiteman 
Air Force Base in Missouri. He is a 1983 business administration 

"The Munitions Squad maintains capability to meet nuclear and 
conventional B-2 tasks," said Hadden. "The Squad provides safe and 
reliable upkeep of B-2 stealth bombers so they can destroy targets." 

Before assuming command of the 509"" Munitions Squadron, 
Hadden was a maintenance supervisor, then a squadron maintenance 
officer at Barksdale where he maintained a fleet of 20 B-52 aircraft. 

"I grew up around B-52s. I saw the planes every day," said Hadden. 
"I was fond of the Air Force." 

Hadden began his officer career as a Minuteman 11 ICBM officer at 
Whiteman. During this tour, he served in a variety of positions including 
the 510* MIS training and evaluation flight commander. 

In 1993, Hadden was assigned to Barksdale where he eventually 
assumed the duties of squadron maintenance supervisor. In that 
position, he led 531 personnel in maintaining the largest stockpile of 
cruise missiles in the Air Force. 

He was also selected to serve on the T"^ Bomb Wing commander's 
staff performing protocol duties. Hadden also was squadron 
maintenance supervisor at the largest weapons depot in the Department 
of Defense at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico. He also served 
as chief of logistics for the 73 1" Munitions Support Squadron at Araxos 
Air Force Base in Greece. 

While in college, Hadden lived on Second Street with his uncle 
Charlie Maggio, who was among those responsible for putting up the 
Christmas lights in Natchitoches each year. Hadden said Maggio 
influenced his eventual career decision. 

"He talked about the military and was instrumental in my deciding 
to join the military," said Hadden. 

As a student, Hadden kept busy. He worked at Maggio's Liquor 
Store and leased property where he kept horses. Among his fondest 
memories are those related to the annual State Fair games against 
Louisiana Tech in Shreveport. He also was influenced by faculty 
members including Elise James, who taught business and later became 
NSU's director of alumni affairs. 

"I was lucky to have a chance to attend a university like 
Northwestern," said Hadden. "The city and the university have a family 
atmosphere. I have traveled around the world and have never seen a 
place that has the type of bond that exists between Northwestern and 
Natchitoches. I have been blessed to work with good people wherever 
I have been around the world " III 

Alumni Columns Winter 2002 / 13 

Class Notes / Profiles - 


Rob Greer is the vice president of product management at C- 

Based Systems in City of Industry, Calif. He lives in Pasadena, 


Charles Bickiey is an airline captain for Delta Airlines. He lives 
in Lebanon, Ohio. 

LeeAnna Price is the manager at the Shreveport Job Corps Center. 

Charles Ray Brown is employed by the Dallas Independent School 
District as a history teacher. He is married to Yoianda Brown 
('97) and lives in Garland, Texas. 

Malcolm Rene is the executive vice president at Galena Park 
Schools Community Credit Union. He is married and lives in 
Humble, Texas. 

Elizabeth Louise McDavid Hodges is an attorney at the law firm 

of Kasowitz, Benson, Torres & Friedman LLP. She is married and 

lives in Pearland, Texas 


Christine Elizabeth Loefstedt Jacobs is a special education teacher 

at Bay Minette Elementary School. She is married and lives in 

Saraland, Ala. 

Laura Lee Price Carroll is a language and communications 
instructor at NSU. She is married and lives in Natchitoches. 

Bart Stagg is a technical consultant for Accurate Industries of 
Louisiana. He lives in Pineville. 

Kevin David Fayard is a loss control specialist at Enterprise Rent- 
A-Car. He lives in River Ridge. 

Rebecca Joyce Davis Saunders is the supervisor of commercial 
sales support at Bridgestone/Firestone Tire Sales Company. She is 
married to Jason Saunders ('95) and lives in Dickson, Tenn. 

Roland LaComb is employed by Jefferson Davis Parish School 
Board as head basketball coach and special education teacher. He 
is married to Amanda Ridley Lacomb ('92) and lives in Elton. 

Harlan Hughes is a financial advisor for Morgan Stanley. He lives 
in Bossier City. 

Shane Abemathy is a financial consultant at Investment 
Professionals, Inc. He lives in San Antonio, Texas. 

Kevin Lee Tison is a choral director at Laguna Hills High School 
and music pastor at Laguna Hills Evangelical Free Church. He 
lives in Mission Viejo, Calif. 


Marvin Dorsey is a Pastoral Care Associate at FBC Woodstock. 

He lives in Kennesaw, Ga. 

Keri Vincent Stevenson is a registered nurse at Willis Knighton 
South. She is married and lives in Shreveport. 

Alana Mack Bishop is an Associate 3 to a Psychologist at Jetson 
Correctional Center for Youth. She is married to Robert M. 
Bishop ('95) and lives in Port Vincent. 

Bill Klamfoth is an administrator at Richardson Medical Center. 
He lives in West Monroe. 

Ray Hernandez a the regional account representative at Home 
Depot - Maintenance Warehouse. He is married and lives in 

Kimberly Paul works in Small Business Sales at Bell South. She 
lives in Shreveport. 

Edwina M. Cedars Hayward is a case management social worker at 
Natchitoches Parish Hospital. She is married and lives in 

Mari Carmen Cintron is president of Latino Resources Network. 
She is married and lives in Haverhill, Mass. 

Laurie Ann Coco Moreau is a controller at Bank of West Baton 
Rouge. She is married and lives in Port Allen. 


Shelisa Theus is a graduate teaching assistant at LSU and an 

English tutor at Endeavor Learning Center in Baton Rouge. 

Laura Davis Hargis is a kindergarten teacher at Avoyelles Charter 
School. She is married and lives in Vick. 

Jason Robert Saunders is an inmate job coordinator at DeBerry 
Special Needs Facility. He is married to Rebecca Saunders ('93) 
and lives in Dickson, Tenn. 

Eve Cox King is a first grade teacher at Fairfield Elementary 
Magnet School. She lives in Shreveport. 

Jessica Shirley Whitton is an assistant professor in the college of 
nursing at NSU. She is married and lives in Shreveport. 

Keith Moore Jr. is a professional representative at Merck Co. Inc. 
He lives in Panama, Fla. 

Karen Benefield Germany is employed by Boy Scouts of America 
as the assistant to the circuladon director. She is married and lives 
in Richland Hills, Texas. 

Linda Ann Singler Holyfield is CEO at Physicians and Surgeons 
Surgical Hospital. She is married and lives in Monroe. 


Christopher Brent Stewart is a helicopter pilot in the U.S. Army. 

He is married and lives in Fort Polk. 

Kimberly Kennedy Smith is a second grade teacher for the Keller 
Independent School District. She is married and lives in Denton, 

Eric Cerwonka is a Post Doctoral Fellow at Columbia University. 
He lives in New York. 


Cheryl J. Reiszner Britt is attending Virginia Commonwealth 
University to complete her master's degree in social work. She is 
married and lives in Alexandria, Va. 

Alumni Columns Winter 2002 / 14 

Class Notes/Profiles ^ 

Christopher Corey Conway is employed by Carthage Independent 
School District as a band director. He is married and Hves in 
Carthage, Texas. 

Yolanda Elaine Johnson Brown is a revenue analyst at Affiliated 
Computer Services. She is married to Charles R. Brown ('88) and 
lives in Garland, Texas. 

Therese Darlene Tumage is employed by the Rapides Parish 
School Board as a teacher. She lives in Boyce. 

Matthew Mularoni is in the United States Army. He is stationed at 
Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. 

Carla Hallock is an MFA candidate in acting and instructor at 
Purdue University. She lives in Lafayette, Ind. 

Dennis Mitchell is a pilot for Expressjet Airlines. He lives in 

Amy R. Williams is assistant director of career services at Georgia 
Southern University. She lives in Statesboro, Ga. 

Janice Grace Vazquez Hardesty is a graphic designer and art 
director at Century Business Communications. She is married and 
lives in Grand Cane. 

Dietrua Kristina Lealand is employed at Gwinneth Hospital 
System and lives in Lawrenceville, Ga. 


John Robert Black is a preacher at Grassy Lick United Methodist 
Church. He is married to Jennifer Black ('00) and lives in Mt. 
Sterling, Ky. 

Damon Cornell Booth is a youth care worker at Ozanam. He lives 
in Kansas City, Mo. 

Thomas Francis Sullivan is the director of sports, fitness and 
recreation at the Boys and Girls of Greater Dubuque. He is 
married and lives in Dubuque, Iowa. 

Leslie Garnette Green is a business and technology teacher at Port 
Allen High School and communications assistant at Hamilton 
Relay. She lives in Baton Rouge. 

Emma J. Deshotels is a lab technician. She lives in Minden. 

Sherry Kay Verdel Browning is a graduate student at the College 
of William and Mary. She is married and lives in Williamsburg, 

Christopher Dew is the minister of music at New Life Tabernacle. 
He is married and lives in Beaumont, Texas. 

Brandi Poche' Taylor works in cytogenetics at Women and Infants 
Hospital in Providence, R.I. She is married and lives in 
Pawtucket, R.I. 

Kelly A. Patrick is senior systems analyst at Provider Healthnet 
Services. She lives in Baton Rouge. 

Jason Brown recently graduated from the University of Michigan at 
Ann Arbor with a Ph.D. in chemistry and philosophy. He is married 
to Sharissa Roberson Brown ('00). 

Edward Arthur Mayfield is a registered nurse at Natchitoches Parish 
Hospital. He is married and lives in Shreveport. 

Brandi Nichole Brammer is a talent agent for Creative Artists 
Agency in Beverly Hills. She lives in Studio City, Calif. 


Amy Lynn Felder Jarreau is an elementary teacher for the Pointe 

Coupee Parish School Board. She lives in Baton Rouge. 

Marie "Eugenie" Duhon Mitchell is the business travel/corporate 
sales manager at Hotel Acadian. She lives in Broussard. 

Maria Michelle Sawrie Swearengin is a teacher at The Woodlands 
High School. She is married and lives in The Woodlands, Texas. 

Jennifer Marie Fabre is a physical therapist at Healthsouth 
Rehabilitation Hospital of Baton Rouge. 

Jonathan David Endsley is vice president of Texas Sales at Industrial 
Supply and Service Inc. He is married and lives in Piano, Texas. 

Jeremiah Clifft is a network engineer at Geographic Technologies. 
He lives in Cambridge, Mass. 

Joanna Terry Bradford is a social services director at Alpine 
Guestcare Center in Ruston. 

Steve Douglas Johnson is a sales representative for Liberty Mutual. 
He lives in Austin, Texas. 

Kimberly R. Brewer is District Manager for The Cato Corporation. 
She lives in D' Iberville, Miss. 

Donna Patrice Wimmer Kaminsky is a social worker for FMC 
Natchitoches Dialysis. She is married and lives in Natchitoches. 


Laura Elizabeth Finn is attending the LSU School of Medicine in 

New Orleans. 

Nancy Deloris Bethea Hatchett is a registered nurse at Marlboro 
Park Hospital. She is married and lives in Bennettsville, S.C. 

Deborah Kay Moody is the manager at Finance America in 

Angelique Renee Duhon is a third year law student at LSU Law 
Center. She lives in Baton Rouge. 

David Dwight Morgan Jr. is the district manager for Association 
Member Benefits Advisors. He is married to Leslie Morgan ('01) 
and lives in Parker, Colo. 

Melissa Lynnette Smith Lawrence is the administrative assistant to 
Tribal Council at Tunica-Biloxi Tribe of La. She lives in Jena. 

Alumni Columns Winter 2002 / 15 

Class Notes/ Profiles 


Lana Elizabeth Breland Craig is a staff accountant at KALB- 
TV5. She is married and lives in Jena. 

Allison Lanelle Con Mayfield is a graduate student. She is 
married and lives in Shreveport. 

Jeffrey Montegut is a sales representative for The Berry 
Company. He is married to Sybil Slatkin Montegut ('00) and 
lives in LaPlace. 

Sybil Slatkin Montegut is a senior accountant for Ericksen, 
Krentel and Laporte. She is married to Jeffrey Montegut ('00) 
and lives in LaPlace. 

Ashley Elizabeth Beason Wright is an advertising executive at 
Louisiana Directories. She is married and lives in Shreveport. 


Brenton Lamar Carpenter is a teacher and football and 

basketball coach at Jonesboro-Hodge Jr. High School. He is 

married to Melissa Zingaro Carpenter ("99) and lives in 


Stephanie Denise Davies is employed at Autumn Leaves 
Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center. She lives in 

Marilynn Marie Womack Knorr is a registered nurse at Sentara 
Hampton General Hospital. She is married and lives in Fort. 
Eustis. Va. 

Jamila Nailah Anderson is a quality assurance chemist at Cargill 
Oilseeds, Inc. She lives in Wichita. Kan. 

Anthony Milner is employed by Red River Parish School board 
as a social studies teacher and baseball coach. He is married to 
Brenda Fowler Milner ("85) and lives in Natchitoches. 

Joshua Joseph Handorf is a medical platoon leader in the U.S. 
Array. He is married to Shaunna K. Smith Handorf ("02) and 
lives in Hinesville, Ga. 

Tamara Ruth Womack Clements is a registered nurse at Willis 
Knighton Health System. She is married to Vincent Clements 
("01) and lives in Bossier City. 

Katie Sumraerell Bernard is a sales manager at Cypress Bend 
Golf Resort Conference Center. She is married to Brandon 
Bernard ('99) and lives in Natchitoches. 

Sherri Lynn Pierson is a management trainee at City Bank and 
Trust Company. She lives in Natchitoches. 

April Michelle Albritton is a graduate student at Radford 
University. She lives in Radford. Va. 

Craig Ryan is the street promotions director at Apex 
Broadcasting. He lives in Lake Charles. 

Shawn Wayne Byles is a reservation agent at Four Seasons 
Resort and Club. He lives in Irving, Texas. 

Bradley Mark Tyler is an auditor and deputy collector for Desoto 
Parish Sales & Use Tax Commission. 

Jamie DeAnna Murray McGowan is a Sales/CSR at State Farm 
Insurance. She is married to Joseph M. McGowan ('01) and lives in 
Baton Rouge. 

Cherry Deanne Parker is a teacher at Winnfield Primary School. She 
lives in Sikes. 

Kendrick Jermaine Turner is an assistant manager at Walgreens. He 
lives in Lake Charles. 

Jamie McDougal is an accounting clerk at Lewis Operating 
Corporation. She lives in Upland, Calif. 


Jerrod Cane Guin is a graduate student at Southeastern State 
University. He is married to Mary Francis Guin ('01 ) and lives in 
Baton Rouge. 

In Memory 

Thomas F. Buckley 

Eugenia Bergeron, Livonia, January, 10, 2002. 

Vera Jones Davis, Winnsboro, August 13, 2002 

Mildred OBier Bums, Shongaloo, September 10, 2002 

Marguerite A. Castleberry, Lake Charles, September 9, 2002 

'17 Lois B. Campbell, Jonesville, July 21, 2002 

'22 Mae Pitchford Courtney, Bossier City, 

'28 Alice Muse Coffey Gibson, Shreveport, September 22, 2002 

'42 Ernest S. Wright, Alabama, January 24, 2002 

'46 Peggy Myers Meredith Brady, Jonesboro, September 29, 2002 

'58 Billie Wayne Johnson, Dequincy, March 17, 2002 

'66 James S. Crawford, Baton Rouge, March 1, 2000 

'68 Elise Pierson James, Natchitoches, November 12, 2002 

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Homecoming gets a surprise visitor 

The homecoming queen at Northwestern didn't mind 
sharing the spotlight with the queen of daytime talk. 

Talk show host Oprah Winfrey made a surprise 
appearance in Natchitoches and rode in NSU's homecoming 
parade, then spoke at the school's pep rally. 

Winfrey came to Natchitoches to surprise local resident 
Peggy Plunkett, who was in the audience at "The Oprah 
Winfrey Show" in early October. At the end of the show, 
Plunkett invited Winfrey to visit. 

"She stood up and said 'Oprah, everybody in Natchitoches 
loves you. You should come and visit,'" said Winfrey. "1 
said I can't believe there's a town where everybody loves 
me. It's not often you come to visit a friend and get a parade. 
Only in Natchitoches. 

"I told Peggy if I came and went to any part of town, she 
would have to swear that no one would be watching Jerry 
Springer. Well, I haven't seen anyone watching it." 

Winfrey led the parade through the Northwestern campus, 
down Front Street and onto the Downtown Riverbank along 
Cane River where several hundred people were waiting. The 
parade included the 20 members of the Homecoming Honor 
Court and floats designed by campus organizations. 

"1 heard she was coming, but 1 didn't believe it until 1 
saw her," said Laci Stokes of Natchitoches, who was the 
2002 Homecoming Queen at NSU. "It was amazing. We all 
got to meet her and she was so nice. She told us that she 
didn't want to rain on our parade." 

Winfrey came to Natchitoches unannounced. She flew 
into Natchitoches Regional Airport, had lunch at a local 
restaurant and visited the NSU campus and several Front 
Street businesses. Winfrey left from the airport after speaking 
at the pep rally. 

"I'm going to tell people all over the U.S. about the spirit 
of the people here," said Winfrey. 

Winfrey's visit added an extra spark to Northwestern 's 
homecoming activities. 

"I was going to be at the parade to support my (sorority) 
sister, Dymphna Davis, but Oprah here was great," said 
Tenecia McGrew, a senior biology major from Shreveport. 
"This made everything really special." 

Talk show host Oprah Winfrey visited the NSU campus during her 
whirlwind trip to Natchitoches, taking time to stop by the President's 
Home. Shown are (from left): Nachitoches Mayor Wayne McCullen, 
Sandra McCullen, Winfrey, Brenda Webb and Northwestern State 
President Dr. Randall J. Webb. 

Before she left, Oprah added some encouragement to the NSU 
football team and it might have helped the Demons roll to a 38- 
win over Southwestern Oklahoma. 

"Good luck to the Demons. Y'all go out and kick some tail," 
said Winfrey. 

Northwestern State president Randall J. Webb said meeting 
Winfrey was a pleasure for him. 

"Her visit made this the best homecoming in Northwestern 
history," said Webb. "She is such a warm, wonderful person. 
You could tell she had fun meeting the people of Natchitoches 
and taking part in the parade." 

A segment on her visit aired on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" 
in early November. 

Winfrey's visit brought national attention to Natchitoches and 
Northwestern. The story was picked up by the Associated Press 
and ran in papers in New York, Atlanta, Austin, Sacremento and 
more. Ill 

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